Learning the Tones

Streaming Lessons with Dr. Nick Giannoukakis
These lessons are approximately 90-minutes each and are very in-depth. The lessons are in English although the hymn text is in Greek (using the music found here). The lessons go through the Anastasimatarion (the Book of Hymns for the Resurrection, as sung on Saturday evening and Sunday morning), using the note names slowly, the words slowly, and the words at an acceptable liturgical tempo.
The password is: nipavouga

Recorded Anastasimatarion with George Hatzichronoglou
These are recorded videos of the Anastasimatarion grouped into the tones (Brief and Slow) with the melody chanted using the note names and then using the words. The hymn text is in Greek, and the snippets of commentary are also in Greek.

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More Music

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