Byzantine Notation

Byzantine Chant Manual in English (incomplete) or Greek
A pdf of exercises for learning Byzantine Notation. The symbols are introduced systematically, with corresponding exercises for practice. The English version has the same exercises as the Greek, but explanations have been added in English, and simple English musical examples have replaced those in the Greek language (it is not finished yet). The Greek Manual has attached recordings and notation descriptions in English - the best place to start for a beginning chanter!
(If you'd like a smaller pdf file with just the exercises, click here; the recordings can then be found here, as a zipped file).

Byzantine Notation Symbols - Cheat Sheet (Updated July 10, 2011)
This is a cheat sheet for those learning Byzantine Notation. It is a summary of the basic intervallic symbols, the notes of the byzantine scale, and some basic rhythmic notation.

Table of Scales and Fthora - Greek and English (V 1.2)
A table characterizing some of the different scales used in Byzantine Chant and the fthores (modal symbols) used to denote a change in scale.

Ison Chart
A table of the normal ison notes to use underneath the melody, depending upon the section of the scale in which the melody is currently located (taken from Dr. Nick Giannoukakis).

Tones Chart
A table condensing a lot of information about the tones and where the melody should reside, based upon the type of hymn or its length (taken from Dr. Nick Giannoukakis).

Chant Exercises

These exercises should follow the streaming lessons, and our eventual lesson plan.
Note Names Exercise
Exercise 1
Exercise 2